Integrate and use Google Analytics in JTL-Shop

Integrate and use Google Analytics in JTL-Shop

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Integrate and use Google Analytics in JTL-Shop

Google Analytics is a great way to see where your visitors click, which pages and articles are successful and which are not. With one click you can see how far the visitors come to your shop and which pages they jump to.

You can then optimize your shop and become even more successful. You can see here how to register Google Analytics and set it up in your JTL shop.

Register Google Analytics


You get free access to Google Analytics when you register on their website . The registration itself is very easy, only the most necessary data is requested.


Set an account name. This is only necessary for an internal differentiation, if you want to expand and manage several accounts. Google also gives you suggestions as to which data you want to share. The more, the more precise the analysis. Now comes the question of what should be measured. Websites, apps, or both. If you only have one online shop, you choose website.

Finally, you set up the so-called property. The domain under which your shop can be reached must be confirmed. Without proof that you are really entitled to query this data, you cannot have your shop monitored. We are happy to support you with the setup.


After successfully confirming your domain, registration is complete and you will receive the Google Analytics ID, or tracking ID. You enter this in the backend of your shop under "Settings / Global Settings". The code looks something like this: UA-99xxxx-xx.

Copy Your Code and paste it in google analytics field .
Now you are able to view your real time google analytics…..