Integrate and use Google Analytics in Shopware

Integrate and use Google Analytics in Shopware

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Integrate and use Google Analytics in Shopware

Google Analytics is the best way to check the success of your website. It is available for free to any website operator and often delivers amazing results.

Since Google Analytics collects a lot of information about website visitors, it is always in the focus of data protectionists. You can find out here how you can carry out the collection in compliance with data protection regulations and still use it for yourself.

Register Google Analytics


As with all Google services, registration is very easy. The “Create for free” button is offered on the website , which starts the registration.

You enter a name that is necessary for the internal differentiation. Google also gives you a few suggestions as to which data you want to share. The next question is what should be measured. Websites, apps, or both.

Finally, you set up the so-called property. In the case of your online shop, this is the domain under which your shop can be reached. You have to prove to Google that you are really authorized to query visitor data for this domain.

Set up Google Analytics in Shopware 5

Now open the Google Integration plugin in the backend of the shop and enter the required data there. The plugin will be suggested to you immediately after the shop installation, otherwise simply install it via the plugin manager. Installation is free.

Most important is the Google Analytics ID. She is the linchpin. The opt-out cookie is also very important for data protection reasons. You set this value to "yes" so that visitors can object to the use of Google Analytics.

Thats all it was. Now you can view all analyzes of your shop in Google Analytics.